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Watch Barbie: A Fairy Secret online

Watch Barbie: A Fairy Secret online
Starring Diana Kaarina
Studio Rainmaker Entertainment
Distributed by Universal Pictures, Kidtoon Films
Release date March 15, 2011
Country United States
Language English

Watch movie Barbie: A Fairy Secret online

Are you ready to learn the secret of Fairies with Barbie? You are waiting for the amazing adventures and amazing discoveries, because these tiny magician secretly live among us! When Ken suddenly disappears along with the unknown fairies, two ladies-girlfriend Barbie show, which is also owned by magic, and fly in search of Ken's magical land. Barbie and her rival ahead of Rachel try faeries and go on a journey to return home by Ken. In a way they do not have time to help out each other and they finally realize that miracles are not magic works, and good friends!

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