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Watch Barbie in the Nutcracker online

Watch Barbie in the Nutcracker online
Directed by Owen Hurley
Produced by Jesyca Durchin and Jennifer Twiner McCaron
Written by Linda Engelsiepen, Hilary Hinkle
Screenplay by Rob Hudnut
Based on The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E. T. A. Hoffmann Characters by Ruth Handler
Starring Kelly Sheridan, Tim Curry, Kirby Morrow, Chantal Strand
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Editing by Anne Hoerber
Studio Mainframe Entertainment, Mattel Entertainment
Distributed by Family Home Entertainment
Release date October 23, 2001
Running time 78 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Watch Barbie in the Nutcracker online

Based on the story by ETA Hoffmann. Barbie has played Clara - the heroine of the great tales ETA Hoffmann, "Nutcracker." Once Clara receives a gift from her favorite aunt little wooden man in the red guards form. The main duty of the Nutcracker - chop nuts. However, Aunt Clara whispered that in the silent heart of this toy betsya prince.

And at midnight, in the house begin to happen miracles. From a tiny hole in the room appear evil Mouse King and his soldiers, and the only Nutcracker know about the impending danger. He comes to life to protect his mistress. But the Mouse King manages to put a spell on Clara: henceforth it will be as small as her faithful Nutcracker. I wonder how it will be perceived their parents and close relatives of Clara! But seriously, this animated feature should appeal to your children. Look at it together.

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The videos ralely aren't about cooking lessons because quite frankly, Clara doesn't seem like a very good cook. By placing the eggplant into cold oil, it'll become completely soaked with oil and won't be all that appetizing. However, the charm of the videos are the stories and seeing how people back then ralely ate. I'm sure Gordon Ramsay could make a video showing how to make a technically flawless version of this dish, but it would have a completely different meaning in the end.
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