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Watch Barbie: Fairytopia online

Watch Barbie: Fairytopia online
Directed by Walter P. Martishius, Will Lau (co-director)
Produced by Nancy Bennett, Luke Carroll
Written by Elise Allen, Diane Duane
Starring Kelly Sheridan
Music by Eric Colvin
Editing by Sylvain Blais, Julian Clarke
Studio Mainframe Entertainment, Mattel Entertainment
Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Release date March 8, 2005
Running time 70 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Watch Barbie: Fairytopia online

Barbie girl in a new children's cartoon (Barbie: Fairytopia), will be a real fairy-tale fairy, you will see how she will learn to fly, but in the beginning to find its wings. She lives all the fairies in fairy meadow in beautiful flowers, living in her house she is not alone, she has a loyal pet named Bibbl. Their lives without zabotnaya and cheerful, yet does not happen a tragedy, it all started with that little house flower ill, and her fairy friends and acquaintances, have forgotten how to fly.

Barbie and other fairy turning his misfortune to the main Fairy Guardian Azura, a fairy without this knowledge is lost, it is the reason why the fairies have forgotten how to fly. Now Barbie and her loyal pet into the city to people, it was there hoping to find a fairy keeper. In this journey, a girl fairy waiting for an unforgettable adventure in this adventure, she learns what true friendship and betrayal, but most importantly it is necessary to find and look for a fairy guardian, but the main thing you want to return a magical fairies fly property.

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