Barbie colouring books

To save Barbie colouring to your computer, please, click it with the left
mouse button, then click picture with the right mouse button
and select "Save as"! After all print it!

Coloring "Barbie as equestrienne"
Barbie loves to ride horses. She needs help with this, because it is unclear what is on the street outside the window: it is autumn, or summer. And it is very difficult to determine what kind of season is here, do not see the color of the leaves on the trees. Because this can only assume that it's pretty warm season, because Barbie put on a light dress, which allows it to move very gracefully. But the horse is not wrapped too, so definitely not winter. Standing next to a girl in a similar dress are not huddled against the cold, but heat is also not clear. Therefore, drawing pictures of the season for this assignment will be strictly on who decides to paint it. You just have to pick up pencils or markers to make it clear what is going on here. It was then that all will gain life.

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