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Barbie Photo Designer - Download Game
Title: Barbie Photo Designer
Platform: PC
Genre: Home
Style: Crafts/Design
Themes: Fashion
Release Date: 1996
Developer: Digital Domain
Publisher: Mattel Interactive

Free Download Game Barbie Photo Designer
Your daughter can develop the taste and art abilities, dressing the favourite doll and painting its clothes in any colors. More than 2500 virtual dresses are for all occasions accessible to Barbie in game that is many times more than clothes of any present doll. You can dress up it on walk on wood, for game in tennis and a campaign in shop etc. Clear to any child the interface will make the first acquaintance of your daughter to the computer easy and pleasant.
More information: Game is restored to the full version. In properties of a label on a tab "compatibility" a tick "the screen Permission 640480" and forward. Game to put it mildly not so, but isn't present another and is hardly expected.

Free Download Game Barbie Photo Designer

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