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Barbie: Magic Genie Bottle - Download Game
Title: Barbie: Magic Genie Bottle
Publisher: Mattel Interactive
Developer: Gorilla Systems Corporation
Release date: 2000
Platform: Windows
Genre: Action, Adventure

Free Download Game Barbie: Magic Genie Bottle
You have a decorative bottle and its beret in an antique shop to estimate a bottle. The owner of shop informs you that the bottle is magic and that everything that you should make, it. Suddenly, Barbie appears from a bottle in the form of gin and explains the difficult situation - malicious gin has helped the sultan to steal its force. She asks you to help the bad sultan and gin.
Barbie needs the player to visit 5 various earths and to collect 5 various jewels. To collect a jewel on each earth, the player should solve a riddle. The decision of a riddle demands gathering of 5 parts of the riddle disseminated about the earth.

Free Download Game Barbie: Magic Genie Bottle

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