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Fiat 500 is the ideal machine for the urban environment. This is a small and compact car that can drive even the most narrow streets. But the model itself is not different from others.
Therefore, in order to surprise drivers who are members of the fairer sex, there was a small pink car. And it's not just Fiat.
According to the automotive experts, Fiat 500 for Italy - a real icon, the epitome of Italian style, a national treasure. The partnership between the car company Fiat and manufacturing company Mattel Barbie was a foregone conclusion, the choice fell on the glamorous dolls legendary car. The standard model of Fiat 500 Show Mattel too boring and "male", therefore it was decided to adapt it for Barbie. It seems, the idea failed. Now, Mattel is not no fun involved in her unusual activities: taking part in the campaign car Fiat 500 Barbie.
The company Fiat to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the doll "Barbie" has developed together with the manufacturer of the dolls by Mattel, a special version of the hatchback Fiat 500. This car is painted in a bright pink color, has become the official car, in which the "Barbie" and "Ken" have arrived at the anniversary celebration on March 9 in Milan.
The fiftieth anniversary of Barbie Fiat has released a special model of the car, which is designed specifically for special girls who follow fashion. This is the 500 Barbie, made entirely in pink, the body is completely covered with brilliant pink color and the interior of the car is completely decorated in classic pink colors that are right for Barbie. Instrument panel and all the hubcaps decorated lots of rhinestones.
The car also has a special mirror with backlight, so that the driver, a woman was able to put make-up lipstick color favorite Barbie or to easily fix makeup.
This car is just the perfect gift for girls for 16 years. You do not think your daughter is grown? Rest assured, it will enjoy the pink Fiat as a little girl enjoys a new doll.
This machine has already won a special love for girls, as it came to her Barbie and Ken for a holiday in Milan dedicated to the anniversary Barbie.
From the normal models, this machine is different bright coloring. You will not find anywhere Fiat as bright pink. Behind the wheel of the car can sit only a beautiful blonde! This became the official Fiat car Barbie.
Automobile body and its interior is decorated in a traditional Barbie pink with rhinestones design. Is decorated with rhinestones and wheels, as well as the speed change lever, sequins adorned the ventilation system. Emblem Fiat «500", located on the front panel of the front passenger, also made of rhinestones.
About the series production of this model still is not known. But we already know that the model has about 15 choices of interior design, also 12 possible exterior colors and 9 options for decorating rims. On a body representing 19 labels, and also a huge number of additional jewelry and accessories.

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