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Editors of the Italian version of Vogue magazine put the photo on the cover of the July Barbie magazine. Special application and is called - The Barbie Issue. Model was the great African-American Barbie doll model, which was the top seller this year. But only the original cover was not all. After all, Barbie deserves much more than just a cover, even the most expensive magazine.
The magazine published an interesting collection of materials on the Barbie doll. On the glossy pages of Vogue black doll show amazing wardrobe, editor picked up a hip and trendy doll outfits.

The Italian edition of Vogue magazine rather kind to black models. In July 2008, Vogue has surprised a lot of the fashion world, has published the magazine, the photo-shooting for which was attended exclusively skinned model. According to the editors of the publication, they have long harbored the idea, but realize it was not so simple: to gather in one room only black models, and the successful and popular, had to work hard. That room was a success, and after one year Italian Vogue decided to repeat the success, but this time for photography invited not live black models, but only a doll, but what.

Get on the cover of Vogue magazine wants any model. Photography for Vogue - witness a successful career in modeling. Several covers for Vogue - this is only the lot level supermodels Heidi Klum. She dreamed of a glossy cover Barbie? Possible. From now on, and the other dolls have something to strive for.

After the success of Barbie in the magazine, fashion designers have decided not to stop there. Now strip climbed even higher. As part of Fashion Week in New York (New York Fashion Week) Barbie doll celebrated its 50th anniversary gala fashion show in which fashion designers presented their new collection for her wardrobe. And now feel like a Barbie can not just a little girl, and big girls who are eager to be the same as a beautiful doll.

Just a fashion show attended by 50 designers including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marchesa and Vera Wang, have demonstrated not toys, but the real model. All the girls were like the world your favorite doll and dress them very suitable, because they looked exactly as what is their own Barbie. Millions of girls around the world would like to be in their place and go to the podium dressed as their favorite dolls.

Podium on which the output is "Barbie" is reminiscent of traditional doll house with pink curtains on the windows.
Made a success of screening among fashion designers, and orders for dresses for Barbie began to be sold in the most fashionable boutiques. So there were the special boutiques with clothes for Barbie dolls, which exactly replicate the models on which all videi poduime. So who is copying who now?

Now create beautiful clothes not only for the living girls, but also for model girls, has become a real fashion trends among the fashion designers. Barbie has become as popular as most Hollywood stars.

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