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Who is Barbie, and whatever it was, if it was a normal girl? What is the name of her parents, and if she has a sister or a brother? Barbier loves animals? How her pets? What story Barbie? All this you know right now.
Height is 29 cm Barbie Its ratio to the real world are 1:6. According to experts, if Barbie has become human, then the growth of 170 cm the weight would be a little less than 50 kg, the volume of the chest would be 99 cm, and the volume would be a waist 45 cm, hips - 84 cm
That is why the creators of Barbie is often criticized for the fact that her looks and beauty are unnatural for the reality, although many girls, Barbie has become the standard of beauty. Trying to be the same as Barbie, some girls bring themselves to the point of anorexia, as young fans of Barbie, to be like his idol, sit on a strict diet, spend money on plastic surgery. American Cindy Jackson made 29 plastic surgeries to become the same as Barbie, but in the end the woman does not only operate on the lower lip. Heeding the voice of outraged public, the company «Mattel» in 2000 little changed proportions dolls, and to start her reduced bust.

In 1998, Barbie put on a different line of sportswear.
The doll Barbie in the history of its existence, a total of more than forty-three individuals, including twenty one dog, twelve horses, three ponies, six cats, parrot, chimpanzee, panda, little lion cub, a giraffe and a zebra.
To date, there is a special line of designer clothing for girls from Barbie, this line of clothing called Barbie. In this line of clothing, also includes a variety of accessories.

In all, Barbie has four sisters: Skippy, Stacie, Kelly and Krissy. Kelly is the most popular sister Barbie.
Kelly (Shelly) - little sister Barbie. Doll height about 10.5 cm

Basically it is called Kelly, though sometimes, also officially meets writing Shelley. The fact that the American doll called Kelly and European called Shelley.

Kelly - New Sister of Barbie was released in 1994. Later Kelly, numerous friends from dozens of countries, and yet she had a lot of competitors from other toy manufacturers who wanted to create the same beautiful small doll. Anyway, after sixteen years of its presence in the doll market Kelly (Mattel also produces as Shelly, Shelly) has become one of the most popular dolls.

Little Kelly lovely with her long golden hair, which look almost like Barbie, soft fair skin, lips and ajar prekrasnyi thin fingers. Kelly can be very different, and with dark hair, and even blacks.

Kelly has everything you need for a little girl (her many accessories available) bed with a blanket and mobile, diaper, a plate and a spoon, toys, rattles, different combs, bottle, replacement of clothing: a dress with lace, stockings and shoes, and more other things.

Collectors of modern dolls are used to realism in doll accessories, but collectors who only collect older models usually remain faithful to those bright colors and stylized forms that were from the beginning of production of dolls Kelly.

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