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Barbie Shion Fever Online Game

This game was created for young fashionistas. Every girl dreams of having her Barbie doll, and when this doll a lot of different clothes, it is generally the ultimate dream. This game just to realize your dreams. In the game you need to pick things up for a Barbie doll. Given a choice of four different styles of clothing. You can pick up a sports style clothing or clothing in a fashionable style glamor. Once you have chosen a style, there will be pictures of things. Must be chosen not only things but also the color and material for them. Each of the items presented in several versions, so have to practice on than a fantasy. For each of the styles are a few hats to choose from, outerwear, T-shirt or blouse, pants or shorts, skirts, shoes and purses. Choosing the right clothing and tucked in your opinion color push the button "continue" and you will see a Barbie doll in clothes that you have chosen for her. This game produces a sense of style, so it is very useful.

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