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Barbie Flower Girl Dresses Online Game

In this game you need to prepare for the Barbie out on a podium. Upon entering the game in front of us at a picture of Barbie. First you need to choose the color of the skin. Eight different colors from light to dark. Next, choose the color of lipstick. To choose from nine colors. Then choose the eye color. You can make them blue, green or brown. Choose a color can be represented by nine. Then select the shape of eyebrows. Several types to choose from slim to thicker. You then select the color of shadows. And last, we choose a hairstyle to complete the image. Options for your Barbie is very much possible to dream and to combine different options. Then we go into the fitting room. In the game of their three pieces. In each of the fitting rooms are dresses in a certain style. In the first fitting, you can choose everyday dress in the second - a cocktail, and a third room, an evening dress. Dress Barbie, send it to the podium.

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