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Barbie In Halloween Online Game

The essence of this game is that you need to dress up Barbie and her friends for the holiday Halloween. When you log into the game sounds ominous music, but do not be scared, the game is very interesting and not scary. You can choose one of four girls. You will see our girl image and four pumpkins. Clicking on one of the pumpkins you can choose clothes, accessories and makeup for the girls and to her companion. Clicking on the first pumpkin, you can make a girl make-up. Select a color of lipstick, brow shape, color, shadows, blush color, to choose the length of the eyelashes and eye color. Clicking on the second, you can choose a pumpkin carnival costume for Barbie. When you click on the third pumpkin selection menu appears accessories. There you can choose earrings, necklace, shoes, stockings. There you can choose the hairstyle, hair color woven into strands. You can choose to together angel wings, a crow or butterfly. In the hands of Barbie may be given a magic wand, bow, or an ax. Clicking on the fourth pumpkin, you can choose a costume for a friend Barbie. This cheerful pink teddy bear. In the suits, he looks really fun.

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