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Dance With Barbie Online Game

In this game you can dance with Barbie. You'll be in the role of disciple and Barbie will dance instructor. It will show you the various movements that must be memorized and repeated. First you need to choose the style of dancing. It may be pop, hip - hop or funk. Then choose the dance floor. If you do it right, then at the end of the game as a surprise that you find yourself on the dance floor. The choice represented by three sites. Then choose the level of complexity, they also three. Depending on the level of Barbie will show mild or more complex movements. Chosen level and start the game. On the right you will see the instructor Barbie. It will show the dance moves. Carefully memorize everything. Then all movement in the right order will have to repeat it to you. If the movement is incorrect, then the game begins again. To win, you need three times to repeat all the movements correctly.

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