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Glamorous Barbie Online Game

In this game you need to create glamorous makeup for Barbie. When you log into the game appears on the screen face Barbie. You need to make it beautiful make-up, pick up accessories and clothing. Choice of clothing in this game is small, since most of the game in building make-up. Clothes can choose from five options in the game. Hairstyle can also be changed. Options for hairstyles for Barbie, too, five. But the make-up selection of parts more widely represented. You can change the color of lipstick. Skin color can also be changed by clicking on the icon of blush. The length of the eyelashes and eye color, color shades can be varied to your taste. The choice is very large. The neck can be worn beads or a necklace. There are several types of headgear. You can also pick up and earrings. In general, you can create your own image for Barbie. To drag a selected item, place the cursor on it and clicking the left mouse button to move to the right place. But do not forget to clean neponravivshiysya option back, or eventually you'll have a strange conglomeration of things.

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