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Barbie Is Hungry Online Game

This game will appeal to all young gamers. The game has nice music, which does not bother listening. The essence of the game is that Barbie has to ride a skateboard and catch food. Different types of food flying from the top of the screen in three levels and move at different speeds. For each caught a thing given points. But not all the food needed to catch. Barbie should catch only useful meal. It's strawberry, grape, banana. In addition to useful food flies across the screen and not very useful food. It's burgers, fizzy drinks and cakes. If you catch a meal, your points taken away for a certain number of points. In addition to a meal you can catch the image bears, it will give you 10 seconds of time. A total of picking fruit is given two minutes of time. By means of the buttons forward, back and jump takes place the space key.

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