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The Japanese Barbie differs from European only that it hardly is more modest, and also prefers brighter clothes. On it distinctions come to an end also we again we see old kind Barbie. Here you should put on also all it various clothes, with that only an exception that this time its collection is presented by exclusively Japanese fashion. It is possible to consider as an amusing thing that fact that the clothes which we will assiduously pull on Barbie, have additional hands. However it is not so important, that is why the new woman of fashion will be again ready to dress on itself infinite set of new dresses. Here too it is a lot of subjects, that is why time this game will take away from you not less. Though all variants of search are worthy of it to pay to them attention, in other aspects game is too similar on previous, and even Barbie's blinking eyes will not save situation, that is why unique pleasure in clothes.

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