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Barbie Flowers Shop Online Game

Now Barbie goes to flower shop - this business brings in its very quite good income, and it means that you need to help for the young girl to cope with affairs. All would be good, but here to combine flowers it is not able in any way, and it means that you should render the feasible help in drawing up of beautiful bouquets. Here not all so is simple, as it seems at first sight - make a bouquet everyone can, and here make it correctly, moreover to pick up suitable capacity for it - business uneasy. That is why one minute will be given to you exactly that you made correct bouquets of various colours. To take them it is necessary from a floor, and pots stand on a regiment behind a counter. Having made a bouquet, you receive points. That is why, the more points you will type, the more you will help Barbie. Do not hesitate, drawing up of bouquets is very fascinating business that is why you stay with it obviously not one hour.

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