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Barbie's smoking and smoking truck - that can be better for delivery of sweets to the friends? In it to fascinating game you will operate small pink truck which carries sweets from point And in point. YOU wait its total load sweets, and then get under way and overcome the intricate route filled with various liftings and abrupt descents. Here you need to keep not simply balance while your truck flies downwards or clambers upwards - here it is necessary also to keep all sweets in a body, yes so that any of them was not lost. It not so is simple, after all the line needs to be overcome in a definite time, and to execute all together - extremely difficult. Therefore choose that it is better to you to do - to lose a sweet or not to be in time absolutely while you do not learn to operate correctly pink Barbie's truck. And for this purpose it is necessary long and to train persistently, operating truck.

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