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Barbies Round Up Online Game

About is not present, there was an awful accident - from Barbie's shed have run away ! Now you need to help for Barbie to catch these unfortunate animals and to return on the place. Game very fascinating and interesting. Here you should operate Barbie who skips on a horse and catches with the help small . Certainly, here not all so is simple, after all a field rough, is filled by various stones and a prickly bush that is why, any incorrect movement deprives of you one of three your lives. Here dexterity is required to you, after all pigs you are afraid and escape from a horse that is why to throw it is necessary dexterously and quickly, and the most important thing - is far. So that we here receive - instead of a paradise life on own ranch, you should work hard and collect pigs! All not so is bad, after all caught an animal you receive various quantity of points for everyone, basically 100-150 that is why purpose - to type points.

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