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Birthday Surprise Barbie Online Game

When Barbie's birthday, all her friends are going to it. But on this birthday friends do not come, here comes the most beloved person. Meeting on the nature of what could be more romantic. In this game you can set up a meeting of young in nature. The bottom line is that we need to choose the right clothes. Although we can not choose wrong, there is enough to choose the right thing for Barbie and her boyfriend of several possible collections, and then click Next to see the result of your actions. In principle, all the clothes you wear on your characters, you can see immediately, as soon as you take the desired object, well, what you see then, that be a surprise. Surprise, of course interesting, because the game made for girls who like to present a special surprise at the end of the game. Therefore, if you decide to dress up Barbie, you are welcome.

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