Barbie Online Games

Barbie Puzzle 5 Online Game
Barbie Puzzle 5 - Online Game

This game is made in the form of a mosaic. Need to collect pieces of the whole picture. After entering the game shows a picture of Barbie. Then, the picture breaks up into pieces and we need them to lay down. To facilitate the right of the screen is solid picture, which is divided by lines on puzzles. Puzzles themselves are located on the left side and intermingled. The game is quite interesting and entertaining. In addition, it also develops spatial imagination. Children enjoy collecting puzzle, now it can be done on the computer....

Barbie Is Hungry Online Game
Barbie Is Hungry - Online Game

This game will appeal to all young gamers. The game has nice music, which does not bother listening. The essence of the game is that Barbie has to ride a skateboard and catch food. Different types of food flying from the top of the screen in three levels and move at different speeds. For each caught a thing given points. But not all the food needed to catch. Barbie should catch only useful meal. It's strawberry, grape, banana. In addition to useful food flies across the screen and not very useful food. It's burgers, fizzy drinks and cakes. If you catch a meal, your points taken away for a certain number of points....

Barbie In Gowns Online Game
Barbie In Gowns - Online Game

In this game you will try on various outfits for Barbie. This game will be an exciting experience for young girls. You can spend a long time for the selection of dresses and image creation. Large selection of dresses in various colors and styles. There is a blue, white, gold, pink and black colors of the dresses and many more. They can select shoes. Models of shoes a bit. But because the models can pick up shoes for each dress. You can also pick earrings and necklaces for the model. To put on a dress for Barbie, move the cursor and click the left mouse button. If the thing did not like, then double click the mouse grab it and go back....

Barbie Top Model Online Game
Barbie Top Model - Online Game

In this game you need to dress up Barbie. Beautiful dresses and accessories, shoes and hairstyles - all you can pick and mix to your liking. For a start it is desirable to pick liked the dress. Short or long, slinky or lush - take your pick. Then choose a hairstyle. Hair length and color depends on your choice. To find the right dress to shoes. On the shoulders of models can throw a shawl. Then pick the right accessories. This earrings and pendants. In the hands of the model can be a bouquet of flowers, a box with a gift or a statuette. In our help pages can be viewed as a model look, according to game developers....

Glamorous Barbie Online Game
Glamorous Barbie - Online Game

In this game you need to create glamorous makeup for Barbie. When you log into the game appears on the screen face Barbie. You need to make it beautiful make-up, pick up accessories and clothing. Choice of clothing in this game is small, since most of the game in building make-up. Clothes can choose from five options in the game. Hairstyle can also be changed. Options for hairstyles for Barbie, too, five. But the make-up selection of parts more widely represented. You can change the color of lipstick. Skin color can also be changed by clicking on the icon of blush. The length of the eyelashes and eye color, color shades can be varied to your taste....

Dance With Barbie Online Game
Dance With Barbie - Online Game

In this game you can dance with Barbie. You'll be in the role of disciple and Barbie will dance instructor. It will show you the various movements that must be memorized and repeated. First you need to choose the style of dancing. It may be pop, hip - hop or funk. Then choose the dance floor. If you do it right, then at the end of the game as a surprise that you find yourself on the dance floor. The choice represented by three sites. Then choose the level of complexity, they also three. Depending on the level of Barbie will show mild or more complex movements.

Butterfly Barbie Online Game
Butterfly Barbie - Online Game

In this game we need to help catch a small fairy Barbie Fairy - butterflies. At passage level given moment. During this time, we need to catch ten butterflies. The screen painted beautiful flowers and the center is Barbie. After you click "play" on the screen will appear, butterflies and other insects. But we need to catch only a small multi-colored butterflies. Yellow, green, blue, white, they try to escape, so you should try to be as agile. If you catch all that will reward you with a beautiful Barbie splash of bright sparks and change clothes in a beautiful dress.

Barbie In Halloween Online Game
Barbie In Halloween - Online Game

The essence of this game is that you need to dress up Barbie and her friends for the holiday Halloween. When you log into the game sounds ominous music, but do not be scared, the game is very interesting and not scary. You can choose one of four girls. You will see our girl image and four pumpkins. Clicking on one of the pumpkins you can choose clothes, accessories and makeup for the girls and to her companion. Clicking on the first pumpkin, you can make a girl make-up. Select a color of lipstick, brow shape, color, shadows, blush color, to choose the length of the eyelashes and eye color. Clicking on the second, you can choose a pumpkin carnival costume for Barbie. When you click on the third pumpkin selection menu appears accessories.....

Barbie Flower Girl Dresses Online Game
Barbie Flower Girl Dresses - Online Game

In this game you need to prepare for the Barbie out on a podium. Upon entering the game in front of us at a picture of Barbie. First you need to choose the color of the skin. Eight different colors from light to dark. Next, choose the color of lipstick. To choose from nine colors. Then choose the eye color. You can make them blue, green or brown. Choose a color can be represented by nine. Then select the shape of eyebrows. Several types to choose from slim to thicker. You then select the color of shadows. And last, we choose a hairstyle to complete the image.

Barbie As Rapunzel Online Game
Barbie As Rapunzel - Online Game

In this game you need to help dress up Barbie for a meeting with the prince. When you log into the game appears a beautiful landscape. The river, green meadows and a beautiful castle in the distance. On the bank of the river is Barbie and her dragon. He helps her mistress to dress up. On the shore stands an easel with paints. You can choose a color of the dress for Barbie. The trees are beautiful butterflies, which you can decorate the dress. On the rocks lay ribbons of different colors. They also serve as decoration for clothing. To decorate the dress, you can use the flowers and precious stones of different colors and shapes. In addition to dresses, you can choose shoes, crown and necklace. Each of the things there are several options. Also on the stone near the dragon lying comb. With their help you choose a hairstyle for Barbie. To wear the crown to move the cursor over it and press. Fly butterfly, which will put the selected crown on his head Barbie. Once you're dressed princess, press "continue" and Barbie goes to visit the prince.