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Barbie as Sleeping Beauty - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie as Sleeping Beauty
The fairy tale on the sleeping beauty and the malicious fairy is certainly familiar to you. In this game created on motives of the well-known fairy tale, Barbie appears in a role of the Sleeping beauty. Together with the princess you prepare for ball on the occasion of its birthday on which there will be a meeting with magicians. But be careful of the malicious fairy and its distaff. Now to you to solve how to wake the princess and to rescue kingdom. Together with prince Ken Vy should make the way through a labyrinth from a prickly bush to the lock where in each room you are waited by interesting games and riddles.

Barbie: Pet Rescue
Free Download Game Barbie: Pet Rescue
Now your child has a possibility together with charming Barbie to rescue homeless animals in kind and fascinating game Barbie Pet Rescue! More than 20 various animals, including kitties, doggies, rabbits, birds and turtles, need the help! The child will find the lost animals in set of missions and to look after them in special center Pet Rescue Center. Also consider that animals with gratitude react to caress and delicacy giving. In the course of game of animals it is possible to stroke, be touched to their kind. On the way the child will need to collect proofs to find a mysterious animal which breaks the piece in park. Also in Barbie Pet Rescue many amusing minigames.

Barbie Beach Vacation - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie Beach Vacation
Join Barbie and its friends on a solar Hawaiian beach with the fascinating entertainments including surfing, building of locks from sand, scuba diving and even a water ski. You can change bathing suits and dresses, and also to choose corresponding equipments.

Barbie Explorer - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie Explorer
And all these adventures will demand from the young beauty of considerable physical efforts. To avoid all traps and to overcome all obstacles, it should run, jump, swarm up rocks and walls, to carry out different acrobatic tricks. Well, if you aren't afraid of dangers, such adventures will be to the taste to you and your children. Dare!
Game literally guards at once, therefore as meets us the pink screen and forces to prepare for the forthcoming action focused on girls from Barbie that is regarded as a certain form of absurd art morally. Not the destiny to us to understand a thin soul of a fine half of mankind! But, already after a while, you understand that though the product and was created by fans Barbie for fans Barbie, it has captured not only female audience, but also a slice of those whom this female audience considers as dirty, lewd and extremely insensible animals, i.e. us, unfortunate men.
The plot of this game creation is stated in the simple and clear form of a videoclip that any player respecting hasn't left with impunity from this genius. Barbie during free time from Ken extracts treasures in the hard-to-reach spots then carries to their doctor in a museum, and writes about the adventures of article to the newspaper. We will not be set by questions of plagiarism and silently we will agree with that fact that work of the journalist for the girl is extremely romantic and allows to put on an aura such "the business girl" that is fashionably terrible. The doctor gives out Barbie the task: to find four elements of the broken magic mirror which, being are gathered, will open a source of abnormal energy of inexpressible capacity. These extremely immoral elements to spite of Barbie are scattered on the hard-to-reach spots and is indifferent wait, while Barbie will be declared and will gather them. Here such here simple history.

Barbie: Secret Agent Barbie - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie: Secret Agent Barbie
Super hit for girls! Now the well-known Barbie becomes the spy-superspy, and it is waited by tremendous adventures, for example to find the stolen collection of clothes of the known designer or the equipment which has gone goodness knows where. As always, to Barbie's services various espionage features of type of pink glasses with which help it is possible to find out the code written on a wall for the lock, doggies for protection derivation, and still a glider, the camera... Game is perfectly issued: bright and colourful interiors with pictures, curtains, carpets on steps, accurately cut bushes in a court yard of a rich private residence... And as Barbie's numerous dresses very much will be pleasant to young lovers of computer games.

Barbie and the Three Musketeers - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie and the Three Musketeers
Barbie and its friends musketeers rescue the prince! Barbie the beautiful 16-year-old girl who leaves the house and goes to Paris as it is full of determination to execute the dream to become the musketeer and to protect royal family. As soon as it appears in a palace, gets acquainted with three young girls Vivesa, Ren and Aramina.

Barbie Shelly Club Pet Parade - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie Shelly Club Pet Parade
You wish to visit on a holiday-parade and to behold performance of the marvelous trained animals? Join Shelley and its friends! Help them to decorate the area with flowers, crackers and fireworks! And then prepare own innumerable favourites for a holiday, teach their various tricks, and arrange a true fiesta clear, live, marvelous!
Features of game Barbie Shelly Club Pet Parade:
Train ridiculous animals.
Look after the pupils: wash out, brush and make manicure.
Dress friends Shelley in the dressed up suits, choose suitable hats and shoes.
Keep clearer moments of representation on a computer, and then unpack and show to parents and friends.

Barbie My Scene Goes Hollywood - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie My Scene Goes Hollywood
Five charming friends: Barbies, Uestli, Chelsea, Zeroes and Delansi, - dream to get on factory of dreams to carry out the treasured project to shoot the present feature film. Girls start to work on a known film studio, and soon thanking their talents the premiere of a new blockbuster on whom they so long worked will take place. Light! The chamber! The motor!
Features of game Barbie My Scene Goes Hollywood:
- All process of film production - from the scenario before the first display.
- The bright finished image in each shot.
- Selection of stylish suits and accessories.
- Creation of scenery and director's statement of scenes.

Barbie Beauty Boutique - Download Game
Free Download Game Barbie Beauty Boutique
You want to become the stylist? Join Barbie, its friends and go to the Beauty salon! Tens delightful models of clothes, a bright make-up and improbable hairdresses all it waits for Barbie, Christie, Terezu and your friends. The beauty salon is a surprising place where you can show completely the design abilities, learn fashionably and with taste to put on, be always beautiful, charming and attractive!
Features of game Barbie Beauty Boutique :
Develop the original style from a hairdress to clothes!
Make a tremendous make-up and manicure!
Create a unique hairdress!
Add the image with stylish clothes and accessories!

Barbie Team Gymnastics - Download Games
Free Download Game Barbie Team Gymnastics
Welcome to game "Barbie Team Gymnastics". Barbies and its friends are engaged in gymnastics, and your help is necessary to them! Under the direction of trainer Kiras of Barbie, Kristy and Tereza are going to reach perfection in four kinds of exercises and to win the championship! You want to help to win it a gold medal? Choose one, two or all three gymnasts, and help each of them to create the program on each of a gymnastic apparatus!

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