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Free Download Game Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
Magic game, history in which tells about Barbie and Pegasus, game became for children for this reason children will easily understand it. What for you waits in game of Pegas and Barbie? This colourful fantastic drawing, a magic plot, will tell to you about usual girl Barbie where it is waited by unusual adventures in the fantastic country, there it will find new friends and to get acquainted with charming princess Annikoi, this princess lives in the real lock, with the father the King and mum Queen. But has happened, a trouble!
Once very long time ago, inhabitants of the magic were strange kind, and lived in full the consent while spiteful wizard Venlok doesn't dare to grasp and enslave this country, for this purpose it using dark charms, turns all inhabitants to stone. Barbie and dares to help princess Annika, but for a victory over harm, it need to be found a magic staff of Light, for this purpose you should solve set of difficult puzzles which were prepared by authors of game!

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